Are all LUBANG's products original and genuine?

LUBANG supply channel is only the original factory and the official agent of the original factory, can enjoy the same or better service with the original factory in terms of technical support, sample failure analysis, supply chain stability and so on. The source and quality of goods are absolutely real, transparent and credible. If the customer needs, Haohaixin technology can provide the relevant original vouchers with the original official agent supplier order. Our strict control of supply channels is at the core of our quality control. The company has passed ISO certification. To ensure the stability of customer supply chain, quick access to sample and small batch purchase needs and group purchase price concessions are the value we provide to customers.

Ic chip procurement need to pay attention to what? What are the options?

ic chip is a special type of technical research results, a large number of development of ic chips, officially entered the field of power chip research, procurement needs multiple attention, people continue to power management to maintain the procurement method of ic power chip, the following takes a look at the aspects of ic chip procurement need to pay attention to and basic, selection method.
1. Pay attention to the procurement cost of ic chips
First of all, ic chip is a chip with more technical content, ic chip procurement pay attention to market positioning and the use of power costs, a price a point of goods, but can not spend money, with knowledge to buy technology, with money against cost, is a necessary condition of the world.

2. Pay attention to ic chip procurement classification
There are many ways to purchase ic chips, because it is different categories, the way of procurement also has subtle differences, such as AD/DC modulation IC chips need low-voltage power control circuit, on the other hand is the high-voltage control switch transistor, otherwise agree with other types of ic chips confused, power factor is generally controlled in the right position, procurement is needed to pay attention to see.

3.ic chip procurement manufacturers to choose attention
ic chip procurement to help enterprises better understand the different manufacturers, can pay attention to the difference between them, how to choose is a problem, first according to the operating capital of the manufacturer to see the scale of production, then to the technical staff to see the quality of the chip, ic chip procurement, manufacturers to carry out special analysis.
The different characteristics of ic chip procurement are obtained according to the requirements of different ic chips, the specific situation is analyzed, the choice is diverse, the trust is large, and the decision can not be made arbitrarily, affecting the use effect of ic chips.

How to distinguish the original, new and refurbished chips?

Integrated circuit chip is an important part of the composition of electronic products, meet the refurbished chip or bad chip, product function failure and other problems may occur. So, what is original, new, refurbished?
1. Original shipment refers to the original factory produced, divided into imported original and domestic original.

2. The word "bulk new goods" is mainly used in the aspect of IC chips, and the meaning is mainly as follows:
a. This product is not produced by the original factory, it may be produced by other manufacturers, but with the original brand, that is, branded fake goods.
b. The goods are produced by the original factory, because it is some unqualified materials that cause the product to fail to meet the standard, but the function is still ok, at this time the original factory will reduce the price and dispose of it through other channels.
c. The original production, used, polished, tinned, and then put out for sale, also known as SAN new.
3, refurbished goods refers to the product from the original factory after production, after use, there is a certain wear, after processing, so that its appearance is restored to close to the original factory just produced state.

To solve the practical skills and methods of transistor failure

Triode is a commonly used component in electronic circuits, but it may fail during use. The practical skills and methods to solve the triode fault are as follows:
1. You can use a multimeter to test to check whether the polarity, current amplification, leakage current and other parameters of the transistor are normal. If an anomaly is found, you can consider replacing the triode.

2. You can use an oscilloscope to observe the working state of the transistor, check whether the signal is normal, whether there is distortion and other problems. If the problem is found, you can consider replacing the triode or adjusting the circuit parameters.

3. In addition, you can also use a heat gun or welding table for heating to check whether there is a thermal fault in the transistor. If you find a problem, you can consider replacing the transistor or repairing it.
To solve the triode fault, it is necessary to consider many factors comprehensively, and adopt appropriate methods for detection and repair.

What are the application areas of MCU?

People can input some established programs into the MCU device. The single chip computer can obtain the program code from the memory during the working process, and then carry out logical operations, so as to be able to carry out related task operations according to the code requirements. As long as the MCU power off, the program in the MCU will be closed.
In the intelligent life, the MCU has become the core control system of some intelligent devices. In people's lives and production equipment, there may be microcontrollers everywhere, such as some timing devices, automatic control devices and so on. SCM has automatic control function and is widely used. Every mechanical product used in people's life will contain integrated SCM. For example, the mobile phones we use and some children's toys will be equipped with 1 to 2 microcontrollers.
In the field of application, the main application of the single chip microcomputer is some automation equipment, which can be based on the single chip microcomputer technology to transform the traditional mechanical and electrical equipment, so that some traditional mechanical and electrical equipment to achieve automatic control. For example, the use of single-chip computers can control fans and air conditioners, which can promote them to play a stronger role, so that people can more easily control some mechanical and electrical equipment.

What are the important performance parameters of TDK capacitors?

The performance parameters of TDK capacitors are important indicators for evaluating their quality and normal use, and through these parameters, they can help people choose and use electrical or electronic products correctly.
Important performance parameters of TDK capacitors mainly include the following aspects:
1. Rated operating voltage: refers to the maximum voltage of continuous operation in the specified use environment. This parameter determines the maximum voltage the capacitor can withstand in the circuit, exceeding this voltage may cause damage to the capacitor.
2. Nominal capacitance and allowable deviation: The marked capacity is the nominal capacity of the capacitor, but there is an error between the capacitance capacity, so it is necessary to understand the relationship between the deviation and the capacitance capacity. This parameter is very important to ensure the precise operation of the capacitor in the circuit.

3. Dielectric strength: the ability of the capacitor to withstand voltage strength without being destroyed. This is a key parameter to evaluate whether capacitors can work stably in high voltage environments.

4. Loss: The energy consumed by the capacitor due to heat is called the loss of the chip capacitor. This parameter reflects the energy loss of the capacitor in the working process, which is of great significance for evaluating the efficiency and service life of the capacitor.

5. Insulation performance: mainly includes insulation resistance, time constant and leakage current. The insulation resistance reflects the resistance value of the insulation material inside the capacitor, and is an important index to evaluate the leakage condition of the capacitor. Time constant and leakage current are also important parameters to evaluate the insulation performance of capacitors.

6. Temperature coefficient: The relationship between temperature change and capacitance change. This parameter reflects the performance stability of capacitors in different temperature environments, which is of great significance to ensure the reliable operation of capacitors in complex environments.
The above is the performance evaluation reference of TDK capacitors. It is recommended that you carefully consult the product manual and specification sheet when purchasing capacitors to understand the specific value and scope of application of various performance parameters to ensure that capacitors can meet the actual use needs.

How to choose the car level capacitor suitable for automotive applications?

When selecting an on-board capacitor for a suitable car, the following key elements need to be considered:
1. Capacity: Select the appropriate capacitance capacity according to the needs of the car electronic system to ensure that the capacitor can provide satisfactory energy storage capacity to meet the needs of the circuit.

2. Voltage: The rated voltage of the capacitor should match the voltage of the car electronic system to ensure that the capacitor can operate normally within the range of the system voltage.

3. Temperature range: Because the operating environment inside the car may be more complex, it is necessary to ensure that the selected capacitor can operate normally in a wide temperature range.

4. Reliability: Select capacitors that pass the reliability test and meet the car industry certification standards to ensure the stability of its function and quality.

5.ESR (equivalent series resistance) : ESR has an important impact on the operating stability and power of the car electronic system, and the capacitor with low ESR should be selected.
6. Scale and device mode: Consider whether the scale and device mode of the capacitor meet the design requirements of the car electronic system, including the size and weight of its occupied space and whether special fixing devices are required.

7. Cost: Under the premise of satisfying functional requirements, the cost and cost performance of capacitors are considered to achieve an economical and reasonable selection.
In summary, the above factors are considered in the selection of vehicle-level capacitors for suitable cars. It is recommended to refer to the supplier's product specifications and technical information when selecting, or to consult professionals for evaluation and referral.

The detection method of voltage regulator diode

1. To determine the positive and negative poles from the appearance, the positive extremity of the metal package voltage regulator diode tube body is flat, and the negative extremity is semicircular. Plastic sealed diode diode body, at one end of the negative electrode, the other end of the positive electrode printed with color markings. The mark of the regulator diode is not clear, you can also use a multimeter to distinguish its polarity, the ordinary diode measurement method is the same, that is, the multimeter R * 1k file, the two pens are connected to the two electrodes of the regulator diode, measure the result, and then adjust the two pen measurements. In the two measurement results, when the resistance value is very small, the black watch pen is connected to the positive electrode of the regulator diode, and the red watch pen is connected to the negative electrode of the regulator diode. The positive and negative resistance of the regulator diode is small or infinite, indicating that the regulator diode is faulty or damaged.

2. The voltage value of 0 ~ 30 v is measured by continuous adjustable DC power supply, the following 13 v regulator diode, the output voltage of the regulated power supply can be adjusted to 15 v, and the willpower of the active maternal line is only 1.5 The kΩ current limiting resistance is measured after the Zener diode is connected to the cathode, and the power-Zener diode is positive, and again the Zener diode voltage is measured with a multimeter, and the measured reading is the Zener diode voltage value. When the voltage regulator diode value is greater than 15V, the voltage regulator power supply is adjusted to more than 20V. Megohm meters below 1000V can also be used to provide a test power supply for regulated diodes. The method is: the megohm meter Zener diode of the negative electrode, the negative terminal megohm meter and the positive phase of the Zener diode, and the megohm meter is treated in accordance with the regulations, at the same time, the multimeter monitors the voltage at both ends of the Zener diode (the multimeter voltage profile should depend on the stable voltage value), the direction of the multimeter voltage is stable, and the Zener diode voltage value is the stable voltage value. If the stable voltage value of the voltage regulator diode is measured, it indicates that the diode is unstable.

The impact of IC chip on EMI design

When considering EMI control, design engineers and PCB board level design engineers should first consider the choice of IC chip. Certain characteristics of integrated circuits such as package type, bias voltage and chip technology (e.g. CMOS, ECI) have a great impact on electromagnetic interference.
1. Integrated circuit electromagnetic interference source
The sources of the PCB of the EMI integrated circuit mainly include :EMI signal voltage and signal current caused by the square wave signal frequency at the output end, generating the electric field and magnetic field caused by the capacitor and inductance of the chip itself in the digital integrated circuit conversion from logic high to low or from logic low to logic high.
The square wave produced by IC chip contains sinusoidal and harmonic components with a wide frequency range, which constitute the electromagnetic interference frequency components concerned by engineers and technicians. The highest EMI frequency, also known as the EMI transmitting bandwidth, is a function of the signal rise time (not the signal frequency).

Each voltage value in the circuit corresponds to a certain current, and each current corresponds to a voltage. When the output of the IC is converted from logically high to logically low or from logically low to logically high, these signal voltages and signal currents generate electric and magnetic fields, and the highest frequency of these electric and magnetic fields is the transmission bandwidth. The electric and magnetic field strength and the proportion of external radiation, not only the function of the signal rise time, but also depends on the quality of the capacitor and inductance control between the signal channel from the source to the load point, so the PCB signal source is located in, and the load is located in other integrated circuits, the integrated circuit on the circuit board may or may not be in the PCB. In order to effectively control electromagnetic interference, it is necessary to pay attention not only to its capacitance and inductance, but also to the capacitance and inductance present on the PCB. Like PCB design, IC package design can also have a big impact on EMI.
Integrated circuit packages typically include a silicon-based chip, a small internal PCB, and a solder pad. The silicon wafer is mounted on a small PCB 64 silicon wafer by binding the connection between the line and the pad, it can also be directly connected in some small package PCB aware of the signal and power on the silicon wafer and the connection between the corresponding pins on the package, so as to realize the signal and power node of the silicon wafer outward.

The chip capacitor in the production process leakage reasons

Capacitor leakage (low insulation impedance) is the most common type of failure, and its main causes can be divided into internal factors in the manufacturing process and external factors in the production process. The causes of chip capacitor leakage are divided into two kinds, one is an internal problem, and the other is an external problem
First, internal factors
1. Void
A cavity formed by the evaporation of foreign matter in the capacitor during sintering. Voids can lead to short circuits between electrodes and potential electrical failures. Larger voids not only reduce IR, but also reduce effective capacitance. When powered on, it is possible to cause local heat in the cavity due to leakage, reduce the insulation performance of the ceramic medium, exacerbate leakage, resulting in cracking, explosion, combustion and other phenomena.
2. Sintering Crack
The sintering crack is generally due to the rapid cooling in the sintering process and appears in the vertical direction of the electrode edge.
3. Delamination
Stratification is often produced after stacking, due to poor lamination or rubber discharge, insufficient sintering, mixed air between the layers, external impurities and jagged horizontal cracking. It is also possible that the thermal expansion of different materials after mixing does not match.

Second, external factors
1. Thermal shock
Thermal shock mainly occurs in wave soldering, the rapid change in temperature, resulting in cracks between the electrodes inside the capacitor, generally need to be found by measurement, observation after grinding, usually small cracks, need to use a magnifying glass to confirm, in a few cases there will be visible cracks.
In this case, it is recommended to use reflow welding, or slow down the temperature change during wave soldering (no more than 4~5 ° C /s), and control the temperature below 60 ° C before cleaning the panel.
2. External mechanical stress
Because the main component of MLCC is ceramic, in the placement of components, sub-plates, screws and other processes, it is likely that the mechanical stress is too large to cause the capacitor to be squeezed and broken, resulting in potential leakage failure. At this time, the crack is generally oblique, cracking from the junction of the terminal and the ceramic body.
3. Solder migration
Welding in a high humidity environment may lead to solder migration at both ends of the capacitor, and when connected together, leakage and short circuit may result.

Mos tube manufacturers which professional? Is the product model complete?

1. There are more authorized brands
As long as you are familiar with mos tube such electrical components products, you will know that there are many well-known imported brands, and when understanding mos tube manufacturers, of course, you must first pay attention to whether the manufacturers' overseas cooperative brands are enough. Mingary Technology has had a number of import brands of official authorization qualification many years ago, so the manufacturer has accumulated ten years of supply experience.
2, can give appropriate solutions
Sometimes customers encounter problems themselves, because they do not have enough experience, it is not clear how to solve it better, but professional mos tube manufacturers are different, and they will certainly be more clear which solutions can allow customers to buy the right products. As long as the demand is raised, the manufacturer can quickly give the appropriate solution.
3. Don't worry about lack of supply
As long as you can cooperate with regular professional agent manufacturers, no matter how many products you need to purchase, or relatively rare product models, you can let manufacturers solve problems through rich supply and complete models and other advantages. As the stock is sufficient, as long as the stock is confirmed, the goods can be shipped soon.
See here, we must know which mos tube manufacturers are professional and trustworthy, in fact, as long as the strength of the manufacturers, can maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with them. Because the quality of service is also very good, so if you find a problem with the product, you can also contact the staff in time to deal with it.

Triode selection how to see the basic parameters?

With the rapid development of components, there are various models of triode, and the basic parameters of each model of triode are different, and what precautions should be paid attention to in the purchase of triode, and how to know the basic parameters of the triode. Let's talk about it today.
Select the triode must master the basic parameters of the triode, and must master the characteristic frequency, noise and output power of the triode.
1. Characteristic frequency fT. With the increase of output power, the larger working capacity of the triode may be reduced, and the frequency fT corresponding to β=1 is called the characteristic frequency fT of the triode. In the formulation and manufacture of electronic circuits, the triode in the high frequency, the medium frequency, the oscillator and other lines should be selected with small electrode capacitance, and its characteristic frequency Fr should be 3 to 10 times the output power. If the wireless microphone is made, the characteristic frequency of the triode 9018 should be taken more than 600NHz.
2. Selection of noise and output power. When making low-frequency amplifiers, the main parameters such as noise and output power of the triode are taken into account. It is advisable to choose a tube with a smaller penetration current Iceo, because the smaller the Iceo, the better the temperature reliability of the amplifier. In the low-discharge circuit, if the small output power complementary push-pull tube is selected, the loss output power should be less than or equal to 1W, the larger electrode current should be less than or equal to 1.5A, and the maximum operating voltage in the opposite direction is 50~300V.