Technical Support

Technical Support


Quality Inspection

In the process of solving the PCBA solution, a strict quality inspection process is required to ensure the quality and performance of the product. Including appearance inspection, functional testing, etc.


Service Policy

Support comprehensive services including technical consultation, product selection suggestions, sample applications, etc., ensuring a response within 1 hour.


Technical Support Team

We have technical engineers from top universities such as Huazhong University of Science and Technology, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, who can provide you with accurate and efficient selection and technical support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Provide detailed answers to some of your common questions, such as product selection guidelines, common troubleshooting methods, etc.


Partners and certification

We have industry association certification, quality management system certification, etc., there are sufficient company strength and business level.


Feedback and suggestions gathering

We will respect the opinions of our customers and collect their feedback and comments in a timely manner so that we can improve our work next time.