Optimization Solution

Optimization Solution


Massive database support

We have a vast range of device selection categories and over 100W domestic component data, which can quickly and accurately match substitute devices for you, saving you valuable time and ensuring work efficiency during the selection process.


Intelligent Selection System

Our R&D engineers provide deep device services, and through the intelligent connection between the R&D procurement database and the electronic component database, we achieve fast and accurate selection, providing strong support for your R&D work.


Precision replacement solution

We have established strategic cooperation with hundreds of original factories and have over a thousand experiences in electronic component replacement research and development. The engineering team will provide you with professional technical support to ensure the accuracy and feasibility of alternative solutions.


Customized alternative services

When you encounter difficulties in finding alternative components, we can customize alternative solutions for you. You only need to submit a customization application, determine the customization parameters, and we will provide you with the original factory design plan. After the client confirms the plan, both parties can reach a cooperation agreement to jointly achieve your project requirements.